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Sports betting challenges

Create your own betting contests or bet in community against the best bettors in the world. Play for free or in order to win real cash.

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Platform Features

A flexible betting platform, endless possibilites...

Challenge your Friends

You can invite easily your friends to join a specific betting contest, public or private.

Betting chat integrated

For an instant communication between players and to bet socially.

Contests and bets settings

Configure your own challenge as you want (limit per sport, competition, bets, odds, prizes redistribution, ...).

Bets results and Rankings

You can share your betting history publicly and show you are the best gambler in sports betting

Be Famous

Become a famous bettor

If you want to become a famous bettor, you'll need to compete against the best in the world and prove your skills. There are many betting contests held annually, and punters from all over the globe compete in them. To win one of these competitions, you'll need to have a deep knowledge of the sport you're betting on and be able to make expert predictions. You'll also need to be lucky enough to beat out all the other contestants. But if you can do all that, you could find yourself becoming a famous bettor. Good luck!

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Who is the best punter?

Like a poker website, you can participate in various sports betting competitions. Each contestant can select real odds off-play or in-play on several markets (match, goal, point) and in many sports (soccer, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, american football). Tournaments will be settled according to the ranking of each competitor.

What is social betting?

You can use our built-in chatbox or the private message box in order to communicate with all Betfamous members. Your rankings can easily be shared with all your friends on social networks. Betfamous is a betting friendly platform that allows you to gamble with your opponents in a fun way.

How to make sport betting profits?

Most mainstream bookmakers limit or ban winning punters. Betfamous is the best site for expert bettors to make profits in long-term sports betting. Cash prizes are paid in crypto ( bitcoin, litecoin) and stablecoin (USDC, USDT).

Payments Methods

Main crypto-currencies available

You can deposit and withdraw with bitcoin, litecoin and stablecoin USDT, USDC. All balances are converted to USD stablecoin, which means there is no risk of crypto currency volatility for your bankroll.


Proof of betting

Betfamous is not your competition. You only compete against other players. All bets are recorded in the blockchain which proves that we are provably fair and that we do not manipulate the results.

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