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published 2022-02-19 updated 2022-03-16
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All deposits and withdrawals on the gaming platform are made through cryptocurrencies only, such as Bitcoin (BTC) and stablecoins (Tether USDT, USDC, BUSD).
There is no risk of devaluation of cryptos like Bitcoin or Litecoin, as we automatically convert them upon receipt into USD stablecoins.
You can find the accepted currencies in your account.
Funds are stored in cold wallets for maximum security.
There are many possibilities to buy cryptos or stablecoins. If you need help finding the best way to buy cryptocurrency by credit card or bank transfer, contact betfamous support.

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Conditions for sending cryptocurrency

We do not charge any deposit or withdrawal fees.
However, depending on the cryptocurrency used, blockchain network fees may be deducted, but these are completely beyond our control.
We recommend that you check the shipping costs with your wallets. Indeed, many crypto exchanges apply high fixed fees on shipments, particularly in Bitcoin. Our support is at your disposal to help you find the best transfer solutions.
The minimum and maximum transaction amounts are indicated on the site. Please respect these amounts to avoid wasting time in the process of sending or receiving funds.

Can I change stablecoin or cryptocurrency?

Yes, you can deposit for example with Tether USDT, and then withdraw in Bitcoin BTC.
Please note, this is a tolerance : our service is not intended to make exchanges between crypto-currencies ("swap"), but simply to facilitate the management of your funds. Without real gambling activity, this type of practice can lead to the closure of your account, and a request for documentation of your identity (“KYC”) in order to avoid any risk of attempted money laundering. This is why we impose a minimum turnover of the amount of your deposits of x1. This means that you must bet once the amount of your deposit, under penalty of penalty applied. (see terms and conditions)

What are the deposit and withdrawal deadlines?

Deposits are credited automatically as soon as the minimum number of blockchain confirmations is reached.

  • Bitcoin, 2 network confirmations needed (about 10 minutes)
  • Litecoin, 6 confirmations (5 minutes)

Withdrawals are processed within a 24 hour window of request.

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