How tournaments works?

published 2022-02-19 updated 2022-03-16
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Progress of the prediction contest

Once you have joined a free or paid contest, you have a certain number of credit ("chips"). This virtual credit allows you to place your bets on the odds that seem most interesting to you in order to win the challenge.
When placing a bet, a bet delay may be applied. You must therefore check the status (which will be accepted or rejected) of your attempt after a few seconds.

Profit calculation formula : STAKE (chips) x (ODDS – 1)
For example, if you bet 100 chips on odds of 2.20
If the bet wins, it gives +120 of profit (100 x (2.20 -1.00)).
If the bet loses, the amount of the stake is lost, i.e. -100.

betslip stake and odds

Participants can choose whether or not to display certain elements of their current bets in order to give some clues to their opponents.

Final ranking of the competition

The classification of a challenge is defined according to the net amount of the winnings less the losses of the bets made by each player in the contest.
The payment of the "prize pool" kitty depends on the final ranking table according to the redistribution method defined by the creator of the challenge.
When a challenge is completed, the unplayed chips are automatically declared losers in the sports betting results.

room ranking and prizes

Participants in a competition have the option of requesting closure and payment of winnings before the scheduled date and time. To do this, they must click on the button on the contest overview page. This request is validated only if all the players request it.
In addition, the creator of the tournament can request payment himself and unilaterally according to certain cases described in the Betfamous rules.

The operator reserves the right to cancel, close or modify a tournament and bets at any time if necessary. Terms and conditions

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