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published 2022-02-19 updated 2022-03-16
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All open tournaments that can be accessed are visible on the "buy-in" page of the site. A search function allows you to filter the contests, and thus facilitate your navigation to find the one you want. You can only join "accessible" challenges, i.e. it is not possible to enter a tournament in these cases:

  • The maximum number of players has been reached
  • The contest has not started (it has not been activated by the creator of the challenge).
  • It has already ended (the end date has expired or has been closed prematurely* by the members or the creator of the contest).

*Note: It is possible to close a challenge before it ends, but certain conditions are required. First of all, there must be no more bets in progress ("pending"). All participants must make a request on the tournament home page.

Is it possible to participate in several tournaments at the same time?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of participations. When participating in several tournaments at the same time, be careful to select the correct challenge when placing a bet. The identifier of the selected challenge appears in the submenu bar.

How can I participate in a paid tournament?

For paying contests, your balance must be sufficient to pay the buy-in required to enter. See our deposit methods to fund your account
If your account currency is different, the amounts will be automatically converted to the tournament currency.
The amounts of buy-ins and add-ons spent are added to the overall "PRIZE POOL" pot of the challenge, and this amount will be redistributed when the tournament ends.
In addition, this amount is converted into "chips" and it is this amount that will allow you to place bets in the challenge. For example, the buy-in is 100 USD, so you will be able to bet 100 CHIPS in the tournament.

buyin enter room

Is it possible to cancel my participation in a tournament?

You cannot withdraw and be refunded from a challenge once you have paid the buy-in. If you do not play your chips, the amount will automatically be considered a lost bet.

How do I join a private tournament?

If a contest is private, you must enter a "PIN code".
You can request this code from the creator of the contest by email or by private message. He is free to provide you with this code or not according to your wishes.

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