How to create a contest?

published 2022-02-19 updated 2022-03-16
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Create a sports betting tournament

A "room" or contest is comparable to "poker rooms". You can create a challenge to invite friends, family, forum community, blog readers or social media followers to join you. Before any contest creation, check that your friends have not already created one, which will avoid duplicates. In order for your challenge to be easily found and joined by other users, we recommend that you follow these recommendations:

  • Create a fairly short tournament name that sums it up well
  • Describe the purpose of your tournament in more detail in the longer description

Example (title and description):

  • Boxing day premier league on sunday only
  • Betting contest based on the Boxing day premier league only sunday matches. No limits applied. All nationalities welcome.
It is unnecessary to repeat all the information of the challenge, as these are visible in the details of the tournament.

create a betting tournament

Our support can help you and edit your texts. You are allowed to use a language other than English for your titles and descriptions, especially if your objective is to create competition for players from your country. Conversely, if the tournament has an international purpose, it is necessary to use English.

A private sports betting competition

Thus, only members with a "PIN CODE"that you communicate to them will be able to participate. This form of prediction contest allows you to play in a circle of close friends, who will also allow you to chat live with them in a completely private way on the site.

Play real money on a paid challenge

If you want to add earning interest to your competition, you can set an entry fee called "buy-in"and possibilities of adding "add-on"funds. All of what is deposited in the tournament enters the global pot and will be used for the redistribution of prizes ("Prizes")at the end of the game according to the ranking of the bettors. In the paid mode of the game, many additional options are possible when you launch a challenge, you can:

  • set the duration of the tournament;
  • choose the "BUY-IN", the prices and the number of "ADD-ONS"authorized;
  • limit the sports, competitions or leagues to bet on;
  • modify the method of redistribution (number of classified winners who will have a prize);
  • define the minimum and maximum players allowed in the contest;
  • limit the range of authorized odds, the number of bets to be made, etc.

After creating your challenge, it will not automatically be accessible to participants. You will need to activate it as soon as you have chosen all the game options.

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