How to communicate in Betfamous?

published 2022-02-19 updated 2022-03-16
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What language used on Betfamous?

Betfamous has the ambition to become the largest social sports betting platform in the world by bringing together bettors from all countries.

In addition to English, which is the official language of Betfamous, we offer the possibility to our users to communicate in their native languages, particularly in the title and description of tournaments, as well as in public and private chat.

However, in international contests and in the public "world" chat, we ask to use English as the default official language.

For the chat integrated into the betting site, it is important to pay close attention to the selected language (country flag). Indeed, the messages are sorted by language and therefore do not appear if you have selected another language (example : messages in German are invisible when the Italian language is selected). When the "world" language is selected, messages for all languages appear.

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If you are designated to work on our project and help us provide content as well as make translations in your language, do not hesitate to contact support.
Some terms are difficult to transpose into each language. It is therefore sometimes preferable to keep them in the English version.

Glossary of frequently used important terms

  • Contest/Challenge: It is comparable to online"poker rooms"and represents the prediction contest. Possible synonyms: competition, tournament
  • Buy-in: entry fee to be paid to join a game. Possible synonyms: entry fee
  • Add-on: amount added in a contest in addition to the buy-in, this is defined in amount and number. Possible synonyms: rebuy
  • Pending: bet awaiting settlement (match not finished).
  • Settled: bet settled, the result of the bet is fixed.
  • PIN code: randomly generated 4-digit code that allows access to private contests.
  • Chips: virtual credit which is used to bet. For a free challenge, the credit is 100. In a paying tournament, the amounts deposited (buy-ins and add-ons) are transformed into"chips".
  • Participant/Contestant: Represents the user who has joined a contest. Possible synonyms: competitor
  • Stablecoin: stable cryptocurrency because it is indexed to a value such as the US dollar USD. (examples : USDT, USDC, BUSD)

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